Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I don't know if this makes me feel worse about France or better about the US.

Explaining the Racist Response to the New Miss France

"I'm proud to represent a multicultural France," gushed Flora Coquerel last Saturday as she accepted the title of Miss France 2014. Unfortunately, some of her countrymen did not feel the same kind of egalitarian pride.

Within minutes, social media was drowned in comments: Miss France set Twitter on fire with over 1.1 million tweets that night, according to TF1, Gala, and Le Télégramme. And a portion of those comments were horrifying: "I'm not a racist but shouldn't the Miss France contest only be open to white girls?" to "Fuck, a n***er" or "Death to foreigners." Hateful tweeters put up offensive collages like this.

According to French media, the most popular hashtags that night were "shame", "black", 'n***er.'


Humans are universally terrible.

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