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The Vice Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party has been arrested and charged with conspiracy in connection to a May 16th arrest of blogger Clayton Kelly. Kelly is accused of entering the private room of Rose Cochran, wife to U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R), who resides at Saint Catherine's nursing home due to her early onset dementia.

Kelly has written several pieces in favor of Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniels. He posted these photos of Mrs. Cochran in a "hit piece" hinting that Cochran is spending taxpayer money to bring his septuagenarian female Executive Assistant on official travel, while leaving his wife in a nursing home.

Today, on the heels on the blogger's arrest, Mark Mayfield, the Vice Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and an officer in the Central Mississippi tea party, was arrested. It is not clear what he has officially been charged with, but it is connected to the photos of Rose Cochran. His bond has been set at $250,000, compared to the $50,000 bond for the blogger.


Shortly after Mayfield's arrest, a P.E. teacher from Laurel, Miss. was arrested on conspiracy charges and news broke that one more arrest was on the way.

This should get more and more interesting and some believe it could lead back to Chris McDaniels' campaign. The Cochran team has already questioned the timing of a phone call from McDaniels' aide rejecting the actions of the blogger coming in before McDaniels claims to have known about the video. For their part, the McDaniels' campaign has denied any involvement in the unauthorized access and photography at Saint Catherines and have denounced the tactics.

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