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Missouri halts execution by Propofol; next up to be executed Nov. 20 was the racist who shot Larry Flynt and others


Missouri was going to execute a spree killer from 1994, and then in Nov. Missouri was going to execute the notorious racist shooter Joseph Paul Franklin http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2013/08/1…

But Missouri hasn't been able to get the normal drugs used for lethal injection, so Missouri was going to use Propofol to execute these two offenders. However, Gov. Jay Nixon halted the first scheduled execution, which had been set for Oct. 23, because of controversy over Propofol being used in executions. In recent years, drug manufacturers have balked at their drugs being used in executions.


Will Missouri resort to the gas chamber to dispatch Joseph Paul Franklin, who shot numerous random strangers because of their race and/or because he didn't like interracial couples? That's why he shot Larry Flynt—because there had been an interracial couple portrayed in Hustler.

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