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From AP (but i'm sure the DOJ already knows that):

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A mother whose 4-year-old was being abducted chased the suspect down and crashed her vehicle into his car, triggering a manhunt, Albuquerque police said Thursday.

The young girl was playing in her yard at St. Anthony's Plaza Apartments in Albuquerque's North Valley on Wednesday when a group of teenagers saw the kidnapping and ran to alert the girl's mother, police said.


The family called 911 and the mother jumped into her vehicle and gave chase for about seven miles, unaware the man had pushed the girl out of the Silver Buick before fleeing the apartment complex, authorities said. The girl was found wandering nearby, uninjured, police said.

According to police, the mother, who has not been identified, followed the suspect and finally rammed into his car near an intersection. The suspect fled on foot, police said.

These stories always remind me of a guy at a company where I used to work, who got spotted trying to abduct a 1st-grader. She fought him off and he ended up dead. I only barely knew him, but it was just so creepy to think I'd ever even been in a couple of meetings with him. And then, once you know this about someone, you start thinking, 'yeah, now that i think of it, it was pretty obvious he was a perv from the get-go.'

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