Today I received a postcard informing me of a settlement in a class action suit against Radio Shack. Basically, Radio Shack was printing credit card expiration dates on receipts, so someone sued and if you made a credit or debit card purchase at Radio Shack between 8/24/2010 and 11/21/2011, you'll get a $10 store credit.

I assume that because I received a postcard addressed to me with a couple of identifying numbers on it, which if you punch them into the settlement website, you get their mailing list entry showing my name and address, I must have made a qualifying purchase.

The only thing is... they want to know on the second screen, when you made a qualifying purchase (limit one per customer) and because apparently I didn't do it with the most easily searched of my cards, I'll have to go through pdfs until I find one, if I want to take advantage. (I'm sure that I've made more than one qualifying purchase, so it shouldn't be that hard, but it's still not as easy as just waving and saying, "send me ten bucks".)

Also, a bit strange... while they have my address right, which I'm thinking it came from the card issuer or a credit bureau, both my first and last names are spelled wrong.