A source from a source has given me more info from what happened that night. This, my source's source says, is what happened that led up to the elevator fight.

Solange: *Walking around the parking lot* We had fun, time to go home.

JayZ: LOL, whatevs I'm going to RiRi's party. Y'all have fun.

Solange: Naw playa, you going home to your wife.

JayZ: Look chick, I know we've been fucking for the past year but you don't run me. I do what I do. Ain't that right Bey-Bey?

Beyonce: Of course that's-hey sis. Put that bottle down. I think you've had enough to drink.

Solange: I wish a bitch would take my drank! *Take another swig* Be some ass whoopins in dis bish tonight.

JayZ: Yo ma, you actin bad. Give me this bottle.

*Bottle falls and breaks*

Solange: Aw hell naw. That's yo ass Mr. postman.

Beyonce: *Grabs sister* Look sis, I'm really upset that you slept with my husband. These women are on my back saying I'm not a good feminist. It's difficult for all of us.

Solange: I...Bey. What the fuck you talking about?

JayZ: She's talking about how you tried to ruin our marriage by having sex with me.

Bodygaurd: I don't get paid enough for this shit.

Solange: You know what, that ass is mine when we get to the house. Bet that.

They then walk to the elevator and we all know what happens next.

I should probably point out that yes, this seems unbelievable but it can't be anymore false than the other bullshit people are running with.