Dog lovers of the internet, rejoice! It's time for these international pooches to shine...

Culebra, Puerto Rico - Waiting to board a ferry to the big island.

Bogota, Colombia - This is Vodka.

Ayutthaya, Thailand - Ruins of the ancient city


Kalamazoo, United States - Happy 4th of July

Mexico City, Mexico - Doggy daycare field trip to the park


Cha-am, Thailand - Just hangin'

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - cooling off the crotch


Raiano, Italy - This is Romeo with his padre

Bangkok, Thailand - The chess master


Bogota, Colombia - This is Tequila with his madre

A series from Koh Tao, Thailand...


We made friends.

Really close friends.


Puerto Escondito, Mexico - The day after a big celebration, this guy is still hanging around

Palos Park, United States - NomadiKat with her beloved collie Lucas RIP buddy.

- Kat Vallera, creator of NomadiKat Travel Media