Written in Ink
Written in Ink


I think the outside interpretation of my taking this job will be “Gawker is becoming a politics blog,” and much of this memo has focused on the campaign – with good reason, as the American presidential election is the most absurd but consequential pageant in the world – but, I promise you, I don’t want to be the editor of Talking Points Memo.


Politics means the campaign, sure, but it also encompasses business, money, the Internet, culture, and most of the rest of the beats Gawker has always been on. Politics means Duck Dynasty and the Duggars, and it means asshole cops and campus PC wars, and Lena Dunham’s gratis work for her friend Audrey Gelman’s clients. It means MSNBC’s internal wars and Roger Ailes versus Lachlan Murdoch; Hollywood diversity paroxysms; Scientology; misbehaving Saudi princes and ostentatious second-generation Chinese rich kids; Anonymous versus ISIS; GamerGate; homeless trans kids and attempted Republican outreach to the wealthy gay donor network. It means calculating how much Mike Bloomberg has paid in salary to John Heilemann and Mark Halperin per viewer of their terrible show. (Keenan, get on that.) And it means having our unique, funny, and fearless voices reporting from the campaign trail (and closer to home, with Hillary Clinton headquartered in nearby Brooklyn).

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