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Keeping with what I did last night in the embedded post, I'm linking to a late story from each of the three St. Louis television stations. Linked from them, possibly in a sidebar or a "popular stories" box are more from each of the outlets and that's where you'll find updates about the police shooting of Michael Brown.

Unfortunately, the looting and civil unrest is overshadowing the sad story, though the Brown family is asking for calm. Also in some kind of old-meets-new kind of thing, Al Sharpton has said that he'll be coming to town and Anonymous have announced a "Hacktivist" campaign. The family have also retained Benjamin Crump, the attorney who represented Trayvon Martin's family's interests during their ordeal.

KTVI (Liveblog format)



KMOV (As was the case with the first night, this station has a different report in this spot)


(I don't know why the little previews aren't showing, they are in the compose window, but all of them are about the evening's chaos because that was still happening at 10pm and some could still be happening now. There are other stories though, accessible from or under the links.)

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