Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Because I am a petty and mean spirited person, I decided to take another look at George Zimmerman's eBay posting. Hey, look, they let you look at the questions he received and his upbeat answers.

My favorite exchange is this one:

Q: A true winner is someone that figures out how to make lemmon aide from lemmons. I contributed to your legal defense fund. I am truly sorry our government run liberal media and justice department persecuted you they way they did.Dec-17-13
A: God Bless you. You have nothing to apologize to me for. The system is broken, an innocent man should not spend one second without his God given liberty, solely because a small sect of uneducated loud mouths. We must fix it. If we can't fix it together, then we owe many people a sincere apology. Your Friend,

Also, he'll deliver the painting personally!

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