now brings up a list of the ad-supported blogs and now redirects to As some probably know, Sploid is one of the oldest Gawker Media brands โ€” the launchposts were dated 2005 โ€” and it has most recently been used as a testbed for some of the comment system changes.

Originally, Sploid was a tabloidy, headlined-based, Drudge-like news link site. Now the Kinja mainpage says it is "headlines from the future" and what I'm seeing are mostly shares from Gizmodo and io9 curated by Jesus Diaz. While Ken Layne, the other Front.Kinja editor and one of the original Sploid writers hasn't posted to his Kinja in a week. Though it should be noted that his Twitter still describes him as a Gawker "National Correspondent" and with all of their history, I'm sure there's no problems or bad blood between him and the site.

It's just something curious that I've found, when I should be doing something else.


Note: There was a Sploid logo on the Kinja page when I first started writing this post, but right now the image shows as broken, while the link still works. In lieu of it, here's a screen cap of the old site via Metafilter.