Publications including Slate, DC's City Paper, DCist, Buffalo News, and Philadelphia Daily News will all refer to the team as 'The Washington NFL Football Team', except in direct quotes, allowing the quoted speaker use the slur and be associated with it into eternity. And The New Republic, not exactly a major sports news outlet, announced that they won't use the name anymore, either. TNR is based and published out of DC, so it does carry some weight in the community there.

I don't know why the WaPo and ESPN and NY Times and other news outlets haven't adopted this policy, but suspect it's just a matter of months, and by next season putting the name in print will be the exception, not the rule. ESPN will be last, because it's a hothouse of shitheads, but even they will eventually have to agree with many of their own reporters and pundits, and abandon the name. The NFL will try to punish the first major sports outlet to do it, but that will probably just open the floodgates of others dropping the name in support. Time will tell. But this will probably not end well for Dan Snyder.

And let's remember, the Washington Football Team probably has the worst history of racism in pro sports, given owner George P. Marshall's rabid refusal to sign or play any black players until every other team in the league — and every MLB team — had already done it, and until he was threatened by then-Attorney General, RFK, in 1962. Today, Dan Snyder's obliviousness and frothing attachment to the name is a sad link back to Marshall's era.