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More on the Alleged Evils of Yoga

Any of you remember the kerfuffle earlier this year about a school district near San Diego teaching yoga as part of PE? Well, the handful of parents challenging the classes lost their case in July, but have apparently filed an appeal.

I have a personal interest in this issue because two of my three kids attend school in this district, and both have participated in the yoga classes. As near as I can tell, neither of them have turned Hindu. They enjoy the classes, but that's about it. To them, it seems to be little different from kickball.


The opposition seems to be coming from no more than about 10 parents. I've occasionally gotten mass emails from one or another of them on the issue (I assume they're harvesting emails from the school directory). This morning one of them was out front at the school drop-off holding a couple of posters.

This is cropped from a photo I took from my car, so you'll have to excuse the low resolution. You can't read the posters, but they said (I think), "PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN" and "TAKE THEM OUT OF YOGA."

Looks like this isn't ending any time soon.

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