There was supposed to be a hearing on May 13 about whether the Dhawan's SUV would be returned to them, but no one from the Collin County DA's office appeared in court claiming that they did not receive a notice about the hearing.

"There's just a question as to who got notice. There's been so many different people involved in this case I'm not sure if they knew or not. Clearly, we were here. But I think the judge did the right thing in the abundance of caution, giving them a second chance to get their ducks in a row," said former Judge David Finn, the Dhawans' attorney.

The hearing date has been reset to May 22. (Source KDFW)

The attorney's for the McConnell family who is moving forward with suing the Couch family want to see therapist Dr. Rick Miller's medical records and any notes from those sessions with Ethan to seek proof of whether his parents knew he had a history of using drugs an alcohol prior to the drunk driving crash.

Everything from the trial has been sealed because it was held in juvenile court. All that's known about Couch's issues came from the testimony of his therapist, Dr. Rick Miller. Miller is the one who labeled Couch's disorder as "affluenza," or not connecting his actions to consequences because his parents were so rich and dysfunctional.


The McConnells' attorneys want notes from those sessions, records from the California rehab where Couch went after the wreck, and they want to depose Dr. Miller.

However, the Couches' attorneys have claimed the records are "privileged," and they shouldn't have to give them up, and that's the issue that will be argued at a hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon.


(Source KDFW)