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Most-Read & Best-Of: A Compilation Post

@Daswauto has put together a post of the most-read stories from OppositeLock and there are a couple which may be of general interest, so I recommend a quick browse through the list. As they reveal in the comments, he was able to do this because of Oppo's close relationship with Jalopnik.

As I've said before, Crosstalk isn't really affiliated with any of the ad-supported blogs and we've had multiple posts shared to Jezebel, Gawker, io9 and Deadspin, plus at least one which was mirrored on Jalopnik. I have a memory of some of them and could provide some links, but I'm sure that I couldn't produce an exhaustive list and of course there could of been some posts shared that I didn't see, so I'm a little reluctant to do it myself.


I may be mistaken and if so, please feel free to correct me, but I believe our most-trafficked post was the obit from @GlibandBitchy for Stephen Crohn "The Man Who Can't Catch AIDS" which was shared across three ad-supported blogs and has racked-up more than 107k views.

Other than it, I'm scared to list them because I don't want to leave anybody out. I know that I've had a few posts shared which have garnered some views and I know that others have had some shared, including a couple more from @GlibandBitchy and a few others I could name. I'll stick those that I remember from myself in the comments and if anyone would like to highlight something they consider a great post or which got a good number of views, either from themselves or from someone else, please link them from the comments and because @lovetheswedes tried to do something similar earlier this week with a list of fan favorites, I'm including a link to their post.


This is a chance to brag. Please don't feel self-conscious about linking to yourself. In addition to being a commenting system, Kinja is a blogging platform. Between this and @lovetheswedes', we have the chance to build a retrospective showing the power of this space.

(Also, though this was prompted by @Daswauto's "most-read", I'd like to expand it to include good posts and those we feel may be worth another look. Even if you and your brother were the only ones to see it, if it's a post that makes you proud, please brag)


And finally, happy new year. May this year be as good or better than the last.

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