Written in Ink
Written in Ink

As the clock is ticking down on our first banner election, I will say that it's been a lot of fun, but though I don't think any banner should reign indefinitely, an election isn't really something we need to go through every week. So, I propose the following convuluted scheme bylaw...

An elected banner should be guaranteed at least one month without challenge. If, after the month-long "honeymoon" has expired, a registered Crosstalk author would like to call for a recall, they will need to do it in a standalone, root post and their petition will need to be co-signed in that post's comments by registered members numbering as many or more than ten percent of the votes in the previous election, rounded down.


A recall petition can get two timeline bumps with no minimum or maximum time between.

IOW: If, after a month someone wants to recall tonight's winner, they'll need to say so in a post and if there are 58 voters today, the recall petition will need at least five registered authors to say "me too" or something equally as clear. It will be acceptable and considered part of the procedure for whomever posting the recall petition to bump it to current twice and the timeframe for these bumps will not be restricted, so these bumps could be hours, days, weeks or months apart.

In theory, you could gather signatures over the course of a year.

If a recall petition is successful, the forum will run a recall vote over a period of at least 72 hours and as the recall vote is taking place, nominations will be accepted for a possible primary — banner candidates will express their interest — and if the open forum (with no registration limits beyond Polldaddy's one vote/one device safeguards) votes in the majority to recall, a primary will be held. This will be followed by a run-off with write-in possibilities and both the primary and run-off will take place over at least 72 hours, apiece.

IOW: While we're voting in an open election whether to recall the incumbent, the floor will be open for banner alternatives and if the majority choose to hold an election, we'll do a primary and run-off similar to what we did this time.


Even after being recalled, an incumbent banner can stand for re-election.

The majority decides who wins.

Any thoughts, suggestions, additions or objections? Thanks.

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