Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Q. Your readers will be happy to know I'm no longer dating men who live in tents.

Currently I have a master. We have not had sex yet, but he is into controlling me. He tells me if I should shower or take a bath. He orders me to clean my bathroom on my hands and knees. He ordered me to make myself cum while listening to L.J. Cool J. He's so hot. He said he was going to start telling me what to wear. Being controlled like this makes me really wet. I think it's really sexy. He's so into control.

My problem is he said that he and his girlfriend broke up three years ago, but he still lives with her and he went to her parent's house for Thanksgiving. I also can't go to his place because he said he has instituted a no-visitors rule because he doesn't like having people over.

I also get the sense that he has no other friends.

I asked him if she had a boyfriend and he said "yes." I asked him if I could eventually meet her and he said "yes." He said he's moving out by the end of the year.

I want to have a serious relationship with him.

What do you think I should do?


A. There is nothing wrong with having a clean bathroom. Maybe he'll make you clean your kitchen next. And having games where you get told when to get off is fun for you.

But, so far this isn't a relationship. It's online play. It could be a relationship eventually, but you are not there yet. And If you have trust issues before you are even in a relationship that's a red flag.

My advice is don't have sex with him until he's moved out or you have talked to her or both.

In the meantime if you are getting off being told to do harmless things, you might as well let him get you off that way - just don't read too much into it until you are sure he's single.

And, it goes without saying if he orders you to wear neon or get a mullet dump him right away.



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