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MSNBC is The Phantom Menace

As a good liberal, I used to watch MSNBC regularly. Now I can't stand it. It is a sports channel exclusively owned by one team, exclusively covering its main rival. There's a perpetual big game coming up, that will never be played, but that must be stoked for. Watching Maddow once again talk about Bridgegate is as it's Watergate, The French Revolution and the moon landing combined. So, so granular. Subpoenas are big news! Who took and didn't take the Fifth is the top story. I'm falling asleep here.

Which is a big shame as covering Republican policy and chicanery is pretty big news, as it affects Americans. We need to know the latest on state legislatures attacking abortion rights; we need to know them denying voting rights; we need to know the latest loose gun laws; the current stand your grand racial cases; as liberals we need to know all these things. But MSNBC packages that real news with inside-baseball procedural and trivial attacks on Republicans. If every single Republican move, no matter how removed from actual policy being enacted, is repeatedly talked about and pored over like a Classics scholar going over ancient Greek literature, then the important stuff you and I need to know about will not be known by you and I. Because we won't watch such monomania and tedium. And we're liberals. Think of the wide rest of the country. For real change, to get people to identify as progressives and vote like it, MSNBC needs to go away or radically alter and stop playing by Fox's structure.


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