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Must decide whether to submit novel by midnight

Can't decide whether to upload my draft novel into the Nanowrimo Accelerator contest by midnight.Win and you get a bunch of copies of your novel and a cover design and they make a promo video and get you some low-level buzz I guess.

If you don't win you still get a few copies of your book in print, and you're set up to sell more print or ebooks on their website. But you've tied the novel in there. Which would be bad if you could get a better deal elsewhere.

I'd like the win only to know someone believes in the book because so far nobody has come to visit my ugly little baby and it wants to wear a pretty dress.


But even if I don't win I still get to self-publish so I can get people to play with the baby that way.

And the book's not a baby and I'm nuts and need to go to sleep.


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