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My Face Hurts :(

So it's been pretty bad dry inside and out around my world lately, and for the past few weeks it's been getting worse and worse. My poor skin was starting to scale and I decided to do the thing we did as kids when we got sunburns or had to use too much acne medicine - slather that mofo with baby oil! Yeah, buddy!

For the first couple of days it was GREAT. I was smoothing out, my scaliness was tapering, and the itch was subsiding. BUT... I think at some point I overdid it. Yesterday my face was on fire and I had a decidedly unhealthy "healthy glow" in my cheeks. I figured it was the lotion I'd put on during the day, so I resolved to set it aside and slathered on more mineral oil last night.


This morning, my face was an itchy, swolled-up mess. It sucks, y'all. Like really. I've had some Benadryl which helps, but I've also spent a chunk of the morning with a cold pack on my face. I was intermittently squashing it against my skin and using the towel-buffer to scratch the bejesus out of it. At one point I was rubbing my face all over my kitty's fur because it was the only thing that made it feel better. (She didn't mind - she loves a good nuzzle when she's in the mood for it.) AND MY FACE IS STILL DRIED OUT AAAARRRRRGH. Olive oil and washcloths to be soaked and smothered in are on standby, but for now I'm just having to be like the Sloth in the wind and tough it out the best I can.

Lessons to be learned - your forty-something year old skin does not dig the stuff your twenty-something year old skin dug. A thin protective coating only helps if you are making your own moisture like some peachy-faced kid. And sometimes, drugs are good. Also, indoor heating and cooling devices are both a blessing and a curse.

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