It happened pretty much first thing in the morning so it's almost like he was starting his first day as a non-physical part of the universe.Which is exactly how he would have wanted to go out if he had the choice.

Right now I'm doing okay.It's been a long weekend and while I'm still upset I'm trying to keep to routine and stay normal.You know how people always say their loved ones wouldn't want people crying and all that?Well, he pretty much literally said it before he went.So I'm doing my best to think of the positive things and the good memories and not the craziness and sadness of Saturday morning.

Things have been especially hard on my sister.There's not supposed to be favorites but, really, she was the favorite.Thankfully she seems to be doing better but I know all of us are going to have a hard time at the funeral.My grandmother's been incredibly strong but even that may be her limit.I'm surprised at just how strong she was on Saturday, too.She was getting paperwork, had things ready to go, and was already clearing some things away.

My dad and his brothers are handling it all differently.My parents have been helping my grandparents out a lot so my dad was pretty much like my grandma on Saturday morning.Though it was also the first time in a long, long time I'd seen him cry.

We'll know today when the services are going to happen.Considering my grandfather didn't want anything outlandish or long it'll likely be fairly simple.Though, based on the sheer amount of people at the house on Saturday, it'll probably be as packed as a concert at a nightclub on a Friday night. Which, in it's own crazy way, is a good thing.

I figured he didn't have long based on the past few months and my last visit with him a couple weeks ago.So, while I knew it was coming, it has mostly been hard to just believe that it happened.The holidays are likely going to be pretty rough but I'm determined to keep them positive since he'd never want us to be upset on Christmas.


So please keep everyone that you've lost in your thoughts.Even if you don't believe in an afterlife, something of them is still out there in the infinite universe.