I'm going to try to write this without using too much personal information about my job or about this customer. I have to be inside customer's houses, sometimes with them home, to do my job. This particular customer is always home, always following me around and talking to me while i do my job. I have no problem talking to customers, in fact i have customers that i genuinely look forward to seeing.. this guy is not one of them. He lives alone in a smaller space, with 3 cats as pets. I had no idea that fraternity's give guys so much junk until i saw his place, there are paddles, a keepsake box, a blanket and so many other things emblazoned with his frat's name. This guy is at least 35 years old, if not older. He was married once and has kids from the marriage. I guess that's why he considers himself a Men's Rights Activist, because he doesn't get to see his kids very often. This was the first time i had heard the words "Men's Rights Activist" long before i see it now so often used on the internet. He told me that because his wife is a woman, she gets to take his kids away from him. All i could think of is how ill-fit this man would be as a parent, did he not see that? He purposefully leaves condoms and lubes out where i need to work in his house, then he asks "did you find anything interesting?" There is no room for his children to stay with him either, only one bed. I am not a judge, i don't get to decide if he's fit to parent, i only have my personal opinion. And that opinion is that there were obvious reasons he should not get custody of his kids. Can i say that to him? Absolutely not, all i can do is nod my head and be polite because i have to. I've asked my boss not to send me to his house, i still get sent there. I say i am very uncomfortable with the things he says to me, how he looks at me and follows me around.. nobody listens. I know that he hates women, he has made that very clear to me. Yesterday i was sent to his house again. As soon as i get there he starts a rant "It's Michelle Obama's birthday, who fucking cares? Nobody cares about her." I let out a nervous laugh and kept working. Afraid that if i say the wrong thing, he is going to go off on me. He calls his cats "bros" they are all male cats, of course. I think to myself "what happened to this guy that he hates women so much?" Because he only see's his kids every so often, because he lost control over his wife? Is that enough reason to hate me and everyone else that shares my gender? Later while i'm working he watches some court show on tv while i work near him, i am glad to have his burning eyes directed away from me for awhile. On the tv there are 2 women fighting for money over a business transaction gone wrong. "Look at all the botox on this woman's lips, she looks like a pig. Stupid bitches didn't write up a contract, what else is new?" He was talking to me like a troll would while hiding behind a computer and anonymous name. I didn't say anything, i just hurried to try to get out of there as soon as possible. Maybe it's because of my interactions with this man that I will never understand the Men's Rights Movement or maybe it's because it's bullshit anyways. I will say this, it definitely doesn't make me feel sympathy for MRA's who don't have custody of their children. So, sorry if i don't care about your problems. Sorry if you're truly a good father and you didn't get custody, but if you're a part of the MRM then you need to get a clue. You need to see that the guys surrounding you are more about hating women then they are for fighting the 'discrimination' of men. Then maybe ask yourself why so many women think it's a joke.