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My internet history is decidedly strange.

So ... I was rummaging around for a menu for the upcoming week, and ran across mention of a 'sweetmeat' [small dessert item, or snack item, generally very sweet and normally not containing meat!] that was designed by some nuns to use up donated egg yolks. I was looking at a couple recipes that called for a lot of egg whites and I hate the idea of wasting the yolks. As we had deviled eggs as a lunch component this past week, I didn't feel like making them again. [they are great as a salad component, instead of just plain hard boiled egg wedge or crumbles, top the salad with a deviled egg.] So - these nuns had to deal with egg yolks donated to them by some vintners who were using the whites to remove sediment and also didn't want to waste them so they donated them to a neighboring nunnery.

The nuns made them into Yemas de Santa Theresa. Yummy, a saint's eyeballs!


Nothing but really high calorie sweetened egg yolks, which may sound gross to some people but if you are like me and the yolk is your favorite part of an egg, sounds really interesting.

Then I scrounged further and found a blog post on Saint's festival foods.

She has a fascinating post on incorruptable Saints - holy people who seem to have skipped the whole dissolving into a pile of bones routine that we all normally do. Which lead to a further posting on putridariums. Apparently a practice where bodies were set up to deliberately putrify into a pit with a way to keep the bones to be set up into an ossuarium, a place to store peoples bones. When I toured the catacombs in Paris and saw the rooms where the bones were sorted by type my first thought was rather sacriligious. When Gabriel blows that final horn, there is going to be a lot of confusion as people have to stop and sort out body parts!

Every Halloween we are part of a group that puts on Day of the Dead parties and I think instead of the sugar skulls we bring for people to decorate, I may make up a bunch of the saints bones, eyeballs, breasts and whatever other body parts I can find recipes for.


So, an altogether fun day of romping through some odd links was had, I think I will be making some marzipan saints bones to use up my egg yolks and some lussekater [saffron buns that are St Lucy's disembodied breasts]!

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