Today I opened this calendar I got in the mail today of various climate scientists posing and talking about climate science. I pledged 25 dollars and really felt like it was worth it. It was high quality. This was worth it. Not only did I get a nice calender, I felt like the people promoting it had values consistent to mine.

I've liked some of the kickstarters but you know I get annoyed when they don't send me what they promise. I know I didn't give much but I still wanted my stupid Pho recipe and my stereophonic post cards but got nothing. NOTHING.Well, it's always a risk.

As far as more successful endeavors, one of my favorite was my first, Girl's Night Out, where Amy Chu wrote and collaborated with other comic artists to write a series about women in NYC after being inspired by living though Hurricane Sandy. I got some vegan treats and comicky things which was cool. I never got the final product. I was disappointed.

Finally, I recently got some woodcut print from Madeleine Wilson's kickstarter that exceeded her expectations. It was neat to see her start out with such a modest budget and then end up far outstripping her goal. The woodcuts were excellent. You could smell the ink.

So, given my highly mixed experiences with kickstarter, what say you, Groupthink? Any of good, bad or indifferent experiences with Kickstarter?


And yes, I know, you shouldn't do it for the rewards but I do it for the rewards and to help someone out.