I wrote out a nice intro post, and then kinja ate it. But let's not dwell on the past!!!

To keep it short and sweet, I'm Nappyheadflo. I am a feminist and a womanist. I am a woman of color, a Black woman. Using my twenties to *cliche alert* discover what I want and need in my life and who I want to be as a black woman. My current short term goals (within three years) is to reclaim my love for reading and stories and writing and art in general, go to graduate school or get a better job with mobility (liberal arts/humanities majors WHADUP), pay off my new (used) car and at least close to 10k off my student loans, and lose at least 75 lbs.

I am very excited about be part of the CrossTalk Community. Thank you Magister, and also special thanks to PeppermintSchnapps Snacktastic as well!