So, my neighbors have been having a knock down, drag out, in quite possibly one of the greatest fashions ever......IN PUBLIC!

The gist of this very heated beef a brewing is none other than the fact he left Catholicism for some other form of christianity. In the argument the word cult is being tossed back and forth between the 2 so much, you would think they are playing hot potato.

I am taking votes if I should go outside, step in between them and say,"Do you 2 know how ironic this is?!".

UPDATE: When do I call the cops on a couple that is not pounding on each other but is still going at it on there front lawn?!(we are on hour 3!)


UPDATE 2: So the husband left a little bit ago, and his pregnant wife, by herself is setting his stuff out on their patio. This woman is having a truly poor day.