Ok, that title's disingenuous. I do tons of weird things, especially when I'm anxious.

First, I'm a picker. Not to the point where it's self-harm but to the point where it annoys HomeyHeart. I pick at my ears and my scalp.

I also like to pick at/overtrim my toenails. There's something so, so satisfying about trimming my toenails. I actually have to set limits for myself or I'll trim them into oblivion. For example, this week I can't cut them 'cuz I cut them too low last week.

Rubbing lips. When I'm anxious, or deep in thought, I rub my lips with my fingers. This is a natural exfoliant so, yay, soft lips but also? It's weird. Often, I don't even know I'm doing it.

My last weird thing is trichotillimania. That's the urge to pull your hair out, literally. Fortunately for me, I have a very, very mild version. I only pull out eyebrows and eyelashes and, while some people give themselves bald patches doing it, for me it usually means my brow waxes last a little longer than others'.

This stuff makes me sound like a ball of nerves but, at least from the outside, I appear pretty cool and organized. Maybe they actually help a little?


What about y'all? What's your one weird thing?