I guess Gawker doesn't like it when I point out their editorial slant... as I said in an earlier post, I am far from decided that we should intervene in Syria, but I do feel that it's naive and irresponsible to pretend that there aren't Syrians who have been desperately begging for us to do so. My deleted post is linked to and quoted below.


Nice quote-cherry picking.

Some other quotes from different people in this same article:

"Abdullah Omar, a Syrian who lives in the rebel-held town of Atmeh, near Turkey, said the majority of people where he lives support US airstrikes."


“The world’s reaction has come too late,” Omar said. “Even now some are trying to delay the strikes. It’s like sending a message to Bashar that he still has four days to do what he wants."

"“Although it is so late for the USA to intervene, it may help us a lot,”

"Reluctantly, Almasri said international intervention has now become the “only solution.”"