Before I begin may I ask what happened to the photo upload options? I don't want to download and then upload pictures. This post which would have been a visual delight, will now be dull. Very sorry about that.

Cats are for chicks. I didn't set the world up this way, and I fight everyday of my life to destroy the misogynistic stereotype, but there is only so much I can do. Until the day that cats are truly a gender-free preference I humbly suggest that we place our vote for diversity, which would be anything other than a cat. Please vote Post.

Close your eyes and imagine 100s of pictures of women surrounded by too many cats, a pretty picture of Audrey Hepburn holding a cat named "Cat", all the Catwomans from Julie Newmar to Anne Hathaway, Jocelyn Wildenstein etc... Those are the pictures I didn't post (notice the word post and not cat, Thank you for that very important point that can't be stressed enough Grandad.)