Just found this on the Yahoo Newsfeed.

• Hound Group – The American Foxhound, "Jewel" of Mechanicsville, Md. (winner)
• Herding Group – a Bearded Collie named "Fawny," of Ridgefield, N.J.
• Toy Group – a Pekingese named "Rodger," of East Berlin, Pa.
• Terrier – a Norfolk Terrier named "Ryder," of Boston, Mass.
• Sporting – an Irish Water Spaniel named "Riley," of Seattle, Wash.
• Non-Sporting – a Bichon Frise named "Honor" from Washington, D.C.
• Working Group – a Standard Schnauzer named "Schweitzer," of Baltimore, Md.

I wanted to show pictures of each and every final contender, because who doesn't want to viciously debate breed preference? It's Thanksgiving, and you might be hiding from your relatives, and therefore need a legitimate excuse to crouch in your aunt's back closet and surf the net in peace. Unfortunately, I could only find one or two photos. The rest are screen captures. Above is Jewel, the Best In Breed winner. Look at that face. What a champion! She should be renamed Bismark, or Butros Butros, or Sergio "Vinny" Vieira de Mello to imply her high status within the dog community.

This is Honor, a Bichon Frise and one of the final contestants. Are they related to poodles? I don't know. Personally, I am strongly pro-poodle. My childhood pet was both a poodle and a man's man. (Or a dog's dog. You see what I mean.) He knocked up two bitches! And he was such a lovely companion, who refused to take shit from two grabby kids. I owe so much to that dog. The most well-adjusted member of my family, honestly. Are the two breeds at all related? Doesn't matter. Poodles forevah!


To really appreciate Rodger the Pekingese you have to see him in motion. He's like a majestic dancing mop head. I could harbor no ill will against a dog that makes me laugh so hard. Is that on their job description? The Kennel Club of Philadelphia could have a category for comedy.


And finally, here's Fawny the Bearded Collie. She's a herding dog and a fantastic showman.

Did you see the televised show? I hear that it is officially a holiday favorite. Post your favorites!