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Nazis and a metal festival

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So I went to an all day metal festival yesterday, and ended up seeing:

One scantily clad female in SS Officer hat with death's head logo and Swastika arm band


One shirtless white male with SS lightning bolt tattoos (maybe they were the Kiss SS but that's highly doubtful).

One shirtless white male with the Nazi eagle tattooed prominently on his back.

My friend noticed idiot #3 and laughed, he's from Poland originally but is an American citizen for over a decade, so he found it extra strange.


I know there are white power bands and morons that follow them, but as an avid metalhead I've never seen Nazis at concerts before. Is this a new thing?

(Included picture of Lemmy, who is an avid history buff and Nazi memorabilia collector, and is not a Nazi sympathizer but is accused of being one for his collection.)

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