I will not respond to anything said in a Clashtalk thread because if I haven't been banned from the forum, too many of my comments are quickly dismissed, so it's not a fair place for me to respond. They put too much stock in snarking on others and to them, I'm fair game. If anyone has anything to say to me for which they'd like a reply, they should do it here because I will not be engaging on that post. (Though you should also be warned that I may not respond)

With that said, I wasn't aware that some people quoted had purposefully left this forum. For almost a year, I tried suggesting that Clashtalk be the more conversational place for those with privileges, but the @Empress kept trying to tell me how to remake Crosstalk and because she wanted to keep membership limited to just those she personally approved, I let it go. I had assumed that Backtalk would be another place with a lighter feel that could take some of the more conversational posts, though I quickly became somewhat disappointed when they also started getting harder posts and it became obvious that it was becoming some people's Kinja home, but I wasn't aware that some had felt they had left this space.

We did experience a period of explosive growth a few months ago, primarily with people getting privileges from the Groupthink joint posts and I worried there might be a day of reckoning when they found out that Crosstalk isn't the same as Groupthink, but what happened is that most people who asked for privileges that way just quit posting and commenting. Prior to recently, it hadn't really been a messy thing. Some just disappeared with the joint posts.

Now, because there apparently has been some misunderstandings which were outlined in the Clashtalk post, I will address them briefly, but my priority is to get this post posted, then I may elaborate or address other issues in the comments.

1) I used a burner that I created for that single purpose to respond to a post @Snacktastic made on one of her forums about keeping the peace. In it, I said something which was clearly about an individual and when it was dismissed, I told @Snacktastic that it was from me with hope that it'd be undismissed. When she said that I'd have to put it under my own name, I replied that I could not because as a moderator, I feel that I shouldn't be signing a comment about the behavior of an individual or a group of Kinja users unless it was a policy thing.

I have not used a burner to troll any other forum or to comment on Crosstalk, except for that one Kinja test post. I've registered two burners: one I used for the Kinja test post and the other I used to comment on @Snacktastic's "keep the peace" thing.


2) When she asked me to moderate an insulting comment, I told the @Empress that I would and would actively monitor the comment threads while she was being trolled. I also told her that as a courtesy I'd be extra vigilant on her behalf, but that I ordinarily try to stick pretty close to the Kinja terms and if those trolling her were to ask for privileges under a different name, I'd have no choice but to grant them because we're an open forum. Of course all users would have to stay within the group's terms and I would likely warn any questionable applicants over the next few days as a precaution, plus I might ignore some first requests as a cooling-off delay.

Previously, she had asked me to ban another person, who did not have posting privileges. I dismissed the thread (which had nothing to do with her) and said that I'd keep watch.

3) I did say something rude to @Owl in a DM that I tried to take back. I was just frustrated. In reply to one of @Nilla's anti-Magister/Crosstalk-is-shit posts on Clashtalk, @Owl said several times that she was disappointed in me, so in a DM, I crudely and rudely said that if I disappoint her so much, maybe she should go elsewhere. Once it was out there, I tried to take it back, but unfortunately it was too late.


Otherwise, I don't know what to say. I have no interest in moderating a private club of likeminded people writing mostly journal posts and if that's what someone is seeking, they should look somewhere else. I've considered lately asking if anyone would like their privileges withdrawn, but that seemed a bit like a flouncy post, but Crosstalk doesn't need to be in the dropdown of anyone who does not want.