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Neil Gaiman Interviews Stoya

And it's awesome.


"James Deen and I have been dating for quite some time and while I don't find it weird at all to watch him in a sex scene, seeing him playing a sociopath in Canyons was straight-up traumatic for me."


What she hopes to do with the rest of her life:

The only reason that I've been published by The Guardian is that I am an adult performer. And the only reason Vice jumped at me doing a column was because I am an adult performer that gets clicks. So, I guess if for the next couple of years I can use that to get in touch with really good editors and learn from the editing process and really focus and put work into it and become a genuinely strong writer, then I'll probably stand a good chance of capitalising on the perspective I have from being an adult performer and then turn that into a career. But, you know, if I wanted to work with children or become a Republican politician I'd be completely screwed.

About one time a production dude was rude to her on set:

The production manager said something like, "Well, you could be working at Walmart," and I was like, "Oh, how tragic my life won't completely revolve around making sure my eyelashes match my pubic hair."


On what it was like to start directing movies:

It was very important to me to use grown-ass women performers who were unimpeachably in control of their sexuality and knew what they liked and didn't like — women who were capable of saying 'no' to things and enthusiastically saying 'yes' to things. It was important for me to show a variety of different types of sex in terms of the mood and the acts that were happening, and different energy dynamics. I didn't want it to always be like, "The woman is the top and this time men are the top." I just wanted to get a little deeper than that.


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