Just finished watching It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. And well.... it's one of those shows where when i watched it as a kid i found it amusing and adored it. But now as an adult, i have ... so.many.questions.

Why does Marcy not know how to boil eggs? What do waffled eggs taste like? Why does Peppermint Patty not supervise or just boil the eggs herself?

What did Snoopy take before he saw the dancing bunnies?

Where can I get Woodstock's sweet pad?

Did Mr. Schulz really know a place that sold Christmas stuff at Easter? If not, when did they start selling Christmas stuff in the stores when this thing was made?

Did Lucy ever find all the eggs she hid?

How come I don't really what happened to Charlie Brown in this one?

Soo many questions and not enough booze. I shall remedy this soon. Am I the only one who finds this cartoon weird?


Here's a clip for you :)