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Written in Ink

(NME) - Iconic rock band Guns N Roses continued to release information about their upcoming reunion tour yesterday, assuring people that steps are being put into place to ensure that problems that have plagued the band in the past will be avoided this time out.

“We are hiring extra security to make sure that there will be no groupies, drugs or alcohol back stage, because these have become distractions for members of the band before,” bassist Duff McKagan said. “In addition we’ve built riders into the contract stating that if we don’t show up to play on time we don’t get paid. We are doing this because we feel that we owe it to the fans to provide them with the most professional show possible.”

The band said that once the full tour dates are confirmed they will also work to make sure that tickets are reasonably priced.

“There were some complaints that the prices for the intial Las Vegas shows were too high,” McKagan, who also acts as the band’s manager, said. “We thought about that and realized that since there have been issues with our performances in the past it is unrealistic to expect fans to pay upwards of $200 before we’ve proven ourselves again. Therefore ticket prices will be kept under $50 for all of the remaining performances. We want people to know that we are in this for our love of music and not just for the money.”

Finally, McKagen confirmed that original drummer Steven Adler will be joining the lineup.

“For over 30 years Steve has been one of the most talented, reliable and coherent drummers in rock,” he said. “We feel that he will be a positive and stabalizing influence on the band as a whole.”


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