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New Evangelical: @Faith4Hillary

@Faith4Hillary is celebrating its one year anniversary with a paid, Promoted Account push. Over the past few days as the Twitter has become better known, some in the blogosphere have pointed toward the account's percentage of fake followers — a number which has dropped since a weekend purge — but artificially inflating follower counts isn't new to politics and currently some of the best-known tweeters have a higher percentage of fakes, including Gawker.

Mostly @Faith4Hillary has retweeted expressions of support for both the account and potential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The few original tweets have been primarily along the same lines, though there have been a few interesting exceptions.

For example, they tweeted a link announcing Sec. Clinton's keynote at the United Methodist Women Assembly toward the end of the month, which is around the same time that Chelsea's documentary about "the extraordinary friendship between two religious leaders — one Muslim, one Jewish" will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.


The account has also retweeted @CorrectTheRecord several times and has suggested them as a Twitter others should follow. CorrectTheRecord2016 is a Democratic-leaning rapid-response service gearing-up for the 2016 election. It is funded by American Bridge PAC, "not associated with any candidate", instead it's "a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable".

Apparently there was an event in Little Rock last month, a photo from which was retweeted by @Faith4Hillary and Mary Rutherford Jennings, an official with CorrectTheRecord. Burns Strider, an advisor to CorrectThe Record, the president of the American Values Network and a VP of American Bridge, also retweeted the photo and in addition to retweeting some of the @Faith4Hillary mentions, he tweeted a pic of the menu from Little Rock.


As of right now, there is no working website associated with FaithVoters4Hillary. There is a .com under construction which resolves from two different spellings and a WHOIS shows that it was registered last April at the same time as a .org, but they've privatized the contact info. Google's cache shows that there have been a couple of things posted to that domain previously, mostly links and a widget for the @Faith4Hillary account, but right now it's blank.


And finally, there is nothing saying that the Faith Voters for Hillary Youtube channel is associated with this effort, but its one video from TJ Williams Hauger, who has written for the HuffingtonPost and whose wedding was covered by Out, at least goes along with the theme.

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