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New Mexico Congressman seems to understand NYC dating rules

My favorite line from this Salon article about Republican Congressman Steve Pearce of NM is this: For what it’s worth, Pearce credits his success in the district with his willingness to engage in the taxing retail politics demanded: Drive all over the place and constantly be a presence in his constituents’ lives. “I tell people that it’s a little bit like dating a girl on the other side of New York City. You can date her, but you better be on the subway every afternoon, going over there. She’d just as soon find somebody closer,” he said.

He's in New Mexico, but he's got a point. I've had the same arguments everyone else in NYC has ever had: How many train lines are you willing to ride in order to visit a gf or bf? Example: would you take the L to the 4,5,6 and head uptown? Would you go to another borough? I think the reasonable limit is one train change, same borough. But some people in Astoria or Prospect Park will date someone on the UWS or in Weehawken, no problem. I don't understand that, but people do it.


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