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New York Comic Con sends tweets using attendees' twitter accounts

I'm afraid a lot of people are going to have to hold a grudge on this one. When signing up for NY Comic Con, attendees apparently got some kind of interactive badge, and in the process of signing up they didn't realize they were also giving permission for the event's social media staff to tweet using the attendees' accounts. So, imagine you go into, say, Costco, and you check twitter and see that Costco has sent out a tweet using your account, that reads, "Jeepers! I love love love me some motherfucking Costco!" And when you complained, they told you it was in the fine print of your membership form, so go fuck your dumb self. You might be displeased, that's all I'm saying.

From Mashable:

Fans, celebrities and press attending New York Comic Con on Thursday sent out laudatory tweets expressing excitement to be at the annual convention — or at least it looked like they did, as the tweets were published entirely without their permission or knowledge. The tweets were tied to attendees’ NYCC badges. This year, conference organizers Reedpop allowed people to pre-register their badges online. The badges have radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that are tied to a user’s identity in order to curb counterfeits. (RFID chips use radio frequencies to transfer information between the chip and a receiver.)

Attendees were then invited to connect their social-media accounts to their badge, although it wasn’t explicitly stated that NYCC could post to Facebook or Twitter on their behalf.

As people checked in to the convention on Thursday, many published tweets looked authentic (and were written in conversational language), but were not written by attendees.


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