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Written in Ink

Nikki Finke to Defamer?

I'm going to ask here because it would be impolite to say anything over there, but with Nikki Finke in the wind, I can't help but wonder what she'd cost for Defamer and whether she'd be worth the price.

To be fair, I don't know if it's related and maybe she just finally got out of another job or something, but I think Beejoli has stepped-up her game since @BrotherParish, myself and others were criticizing her in a Clashtalk crosspost last week, but as I alluded to in reply to @GramercyPolice's post about the possibility of a BusinessInsider merger: just doing a great job isn't really enough to keep you around, if Nick Denton wants something else.


So, what are the odds Gawker makes an offer to Nikki to helm the Defamer brand?

I think just curiosity would get them an instant couple of million clicks and with the crossposts from Gawker's other entertainment brands, I could see a lot of eyeballs finding their way to the other blogs. I guess the question could be, how much are they worth?

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