Hey, the government's back open, for a week or two. So let's get started with time honored tradition of deciding who won and who lost this Potemkin crisis. Well, the Republicans lost, no doubt. Those goat fuckers didn't get a defund, a delay, or anything else of note, and the health care reform that passed both houses and got signed off on by the president and a supreme court decision, is, uh, continuing to exist.

Let's not mistake that for a victory, for anyone. The Democrats, sniveling and overwhelmed by not baring their neck at the first sign of teeth, could only look good compared to the republicans. We get to do this all again in a few weeks, they couldn't even pass a real budget. Fuckers are terrible and this whole thing was a farce, we're letting our government stage faux disasters as political theater with all too real results.

Because, let's be honest, the biggest losers are us, the American people. Jesus christ did we lose. The government shuts down and what do they bother saving? Drone strikes in Pakistan but not food inspections. NSA spying continued while NSA oversight and FOIA requests stopped. Our National Parks were open to drilling, mining, and logging while the public was kept out. This shutdown was largely orchestrated by a political movement funded by a small group of the super rich. The vast majority of the American people opposed it. And what did we, hell, what could we, do? When people start talking about the Republicans as losers, try to remember exactly who got played.