Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I’ve been in the hospital for 8 days now. I had to rush to the ER on Tuesday and have surgery early Wednesday morning because I had CSF (spinal fluid) leaking out of my nose and the CT found a bone they had restructured behind my eye was out of place.

I have a whole new set of staples, I cannot open my eye without using a finger and I have a fucking Staph infection. I had a “PIC line” inserted last night that is like a hard core IV that I will go home with so I can give myself super powerful antibiotics for six weeks.


I also have two units of blood on its way down for a transfusion because my hemoglobin (?) is low. It’s apparently going to make me feel 200% better,but eww.

I also think I might be getting slightly close to dilaudid addiction. I am in super crazy pain, seriously, but I do sometimes exaggerate the pain a bit in order to get IV dilaudid instead of pill form. It really is amazing, especially through the central line I had before and the PIC line now. I would never crush up pills and shoot them up, so this will be a short lived vice. Just while in the hospital. I really can understand how people get hooked on drugs they shoot up. The IV dilaudid only really gives you a minute’s euphoria, but damn.

The transfusion is going on right now. I keep looking over and seeing red in the tube and getting pukey when I know it’s coming in.

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