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Now Say What Now?!?

“Marie Holmes made national headlines last February after winning a massive $188 million Powerball jackpot. After taxes, she walked away with an $88 million lump sum payment.”

Ordinarily I’m against calling women the “B-word”, but when(not if) this broad looses all of her millions, she’ll deserve every single bit of criticism. And ordinarily I’m against counting someone else’s coins, but someone needs to tell thus broad to “QUIT IT”.


Single NC Mom wins Powerball, and spends millions bailing boyfriend, Lamarr McDow, out of jail several times, after getting arrested for doing dumb shit! IIRC, the original charges were drug, and gun trafficking. His latest arrest was because he decided it’d be fun, and cool to pretend he was one of the character from Fast And Furious by organizing an illegal street race.

She has 4 kids by 4 different men, none who are by this dickwad. I might have a small amount of empathy, if she shared some type relationship that bonded(no pun intended) the two together for life. But he’s just a damn boyfriend!!!! He’s not even her baby’s daddy(ugh...I hate that damn term)!!!

This chick needs a role model in her life. Someone to tell her to save her money for her kid’s future. Especially for the son with Down’s Syndrome. Because after she’s dead and gone, he’s probably the one kid that’s going to need the most outside care.

TBH, it wouldn’t surprise me if the cops were getting “compensated” by the bondsman pay particular attention to this guy. Because this criminal case is a cash cow for everyone involved All I gotta say is McDow must be sugardicking1 her down something fierce, for her to lay out this much money.


Am I overreacting? She needs a role model, really bad! Where’s Oprah when you need her.


1Sugardicking-(verb) When a man lays the pipe game right. When a man’s fuck game is on point. To pound one’s back out.

“My BFF’s man was sugardicking her so well by blowing her back out last night. His dick game was so on fleek, she made him a turkey sandwich afterwards, and breakfast in bed the next morning”.

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