Sometimes in the morning I'll try to watch CNBC, which I used to watch all the time back in the 90's and early 00's. Now, the morning program is a total shitshow, with Becky Quick (who is awesome), Andrew Ross Sorkin (who is not a living thing), and some guy (joe kernan, i think, but who is he?) who is always guaranteeing that Romney is going to win the election (and who may be the only person not on Fox New Channel who is always wrong about everything, all the time). They also feature 'Screaming' Rick Santelli (aka 'Chicken Little'), who hates to ever see good economic news because it means Obama won't get impeached as quickly as he'd like. Basically, it's a scream-fest, with Sorkin recommending putting reporters in jail and Kernan panicking that all the rich people/job creators will move to France if we don't lower their income taxes to zero and the cap gains tax to negative numbers. In other words, it's really hard to watch.

From NY Magazine: _As a result of the recovery and the relative dearth of juicy financial news out there, the entire business-news apparatus is falling apart. CNBC, the market leader in all things stock-y, has seen its ratings slide to the lowest level in two decades, according to the Post._

It's not just CNBC. Fox Business News, CNBC's plucky upstart competitor, is also experiencing a viewership decline in most of its programming hours. And although ratings figures for Bloomberg TV aren't readily available, it's safe to say that the network's "strategic repositioning" to focus on digital video means that not all is well in analog-land.