For real, NYPD?? These guys have too much money and too little else to do, apparently.

Federal officials criticized the New York City Police Department's program placing detectives in counterterrorism roles overseas on Tuesday, saying it has wasted police resources and failed to provide actionable intelligence. The International Liaisons Program (ILP) was instituted by former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly after 9/11, establishing a presence in 11 foreign cities with the objective of getting counterterrorism information directly from NYPD personnel.

Speaking to the site DNAinfo, federal law enforcement officers who served in foreign cities where the NYPD stationed detectives said that the program frequently disrupted and angered foreign law enforcement.

After a 2005 resort bombing in Bali, federal officials say that the Indonesian National Police were "astonished and irritated that the NYPD showed up" from their station in Singapore, disrupting the bombing investigation in its immediate aftermath.

In many of the NYPD's regular international posts, their detectives are prevented from fulfilling their mandate to combat terrorism alongside their foreign counterparts, either from lack of required security clearance or lack of good relations with the necessary foreign intelligence agencies.

Ray Kelly has admitted that the ILP has not produced any tips about potential attacks in New York City, but has said that it plays a role in other areas such as extradition. The program's website states it helps the department learn from responses to attacks overseas.