The frisson of the Gawker tidbit was supposed to derive from the contextual equation — Fox News + gay = hypocrisy — but the channel has hardly been of one voice on the issue and there is no indication that it has any special obsession with sexual orientation, like, say, Gawker.

From what I can tell, Fox News has done a decent job of representing the broad range of conservative views on same-sex marriage and seems to have, along with the rest of the country, evolved. Bill O’Reilly, who once suggested that gay marriage could lead to nuptials between humans and turtles, has come around to the point that in March, he said he had been convinced that the government should not decide who should marry.

“The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals,” he said in a conversation with Megyn Kelly, a rising star at Fox News. “That is where the compelling argument is. We’re Americans. We just want to be treated like everybody else.”

Ms. Kelly has made the point that interracial marriages were once banned. “Why is gay marriage any different?” she has said more than once.…

ETA: Oops, I just noticed that Magister shared a post earlier on the same article that I missed somehow.