There are a lot of bad places in the Bay Area. Most of them are nowhere near the bay and are only trying to be a part of the area in order to drive up home prices (like Brentwood. No one cares, Brentwood). However Oakland is a big part of the Bay Area and is the absolute worst.

News vans are being broken into in broad daylight near touristy areas. Is literally nowhere is safe? The police can’t handle the crime, obviously, so what the hell else can they do? I’m not lying when I say most days when I watch the morning news at least one story is about someone being killed, robbed, or both in Oakland. On Halloween while trying to make my way back to the freeway I saw multiple prostitutes being solicited visibly from a main street. But that’s normal for most large cities you may say. Except that the new police chief cheesed it out of there almost immediately.

I’m an organizer for local gay events and sometimes feel bad that we never do anything in Oakland. I planned two events right near Oakland but never actually in the city itself. So essentially I’m pretty much never going to do so because if multiple hate crimes can occur in Manhattan I don’t want to know what an everyday mugging would turn into.

I feel bad since I know people who live in the Oakland hills and the Oakland Zoo is a pretty fun place. The city itself does have a lot to offer and has prime real estate so it’s a shame that it’s so horribly plagued with… everything.