So I don't flood Crosstalk(HELLO OPPOSITELOCK AND O-DECK!!) with posts, I am going to make just one post with links to articles I found during the week that seem interesting but I never got around to post. Feel free to comment or share.

  • Why can't Batman be Black? (Or Latino, or Asian, or Native, or Middle Eastern, or etc) [Portland Mercury] Seriously though, Hollywood. It is not that hard.
  • Nas apparently helped raised $30k for a homeless single father of 8. [Colorlines] I wish we heard more about celebrities who do this because they want to and not cause they need the publicity.
  • I love Sons of Anarchy. I probably love it more than I should. I also love Sesame Street. So when you combine Sons of Anarchy and Sesame Street, you get Sons of Poetry.

  • Will Global Warming Lead To More War? [Washington Post] Apparently that question doesn't have a simple answer.
  • Top Gun would have been cooler if they had these My Little Pony themed pilot patches. [Wired] Or My Little Pony should make a Top Gun parody episode if they haven't done it already.
  • Some guys apparently disappeared after the Vietnam War only to emerge from the jungle 40 years later. [Huffington Post] Expect an adaption of this story to hit theaters in 2016.
  • Greeks who were not able to swim before due to disabilities can now swim on their own thanks to a solar powered chair. [Reuters] I think this is incredible and the local governments should be helping out.