Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I seriously could not have asked for a better show. Jeff Ross was host and he was completely on the whole time. He did crowd stuff that was really good. He also did some jokes about Chicago. My favorite: "Every time I have sex and think I'm going to cum too quick I think of Scottie Pippen's face."

Kristen Schaal opened and was amazing. Al Madrigal had a great set with one of my favorite lines of the night. Hannibal Buress absolutely killed. Demetri Martin was really good. Flight of the Conchords played new stuff which was hilarious and old favorites.


Then Chappelle comes on. First of all: almost everyone in the crowd followed the no cameras/camera phone rule. Secondly its a standing ovation and when everybody sat down: they shut the fuck up. Its was beautiful. Then the first thing Dave says is: "Fuck Hartford, man." Crowd goes crazy. Chappelle had a really tight set. Could not have been happier with the whole experience.

When (or if) this comes to your town, you need to go.

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