Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I've never posted on here before. I have however been making crude, tasteless comments on Gawker for several months, as well as in real life; on my last college essay I referred to pederasty among the Japanese samurai class as 'the other white meat'.

I have a friend with a problem. Let's call her Botswana*. Botswana is pregnant with twins out-of-wedlock, but even more alarmingly, she's found that although she was recently approved as a commenter she can no longer reply to posts from one of her favorite subdomains on Gawker. When she hits the reply button, she gets a box addressed to '@null' that won't let her type anything in. My question is, what signs would let someone know that their account has been banned? Do they get a notification? Do their comments disappear? Does their computer melt into a puddle of mayonnaise? Botswana really needs to know.


*Not her real name.

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