In response to Burt's post about a Rémi Gaillard video she found offensive, or about which she thought righteous indignation would generate clicks, I posted a (poorly-edited) link to his Gawker Media tag and pointed out that because his subscriber base increases with each round of fame, the posts about his "Air Sex" video will only increase it. The problem with those kinds of posts is that there really isn't anything anybody can do, except say they didn't care for something and in this case, the offense is also tempered because he's in France. (Humor and "political correctness" aren't the same everywhere)

As has always been the case with Rémi Gaillard, each time he has a breakout which goes viral, I end up wasting time on his YouTube channel watching some of his "classics" and looking to see what's new. Of course his humor isn't for everyone and I'd like to think that I have a more sophisticated palate, but the dude's been doing it for years and a lot of his videos have shots of him being assaulted by his victims or tackled by the police, so he is dedicated to say the least.

As sort of a refresher or an intro, I'm going to post a few of varying lengths and if anyone has or finds one they'd like to point toward on their own, maybe it's one I haven't watched.

(Notice, a couple of these have slight nudity)